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The secrets of the Pilar

A complete tour inside of an essential monument

  • 1  30 min
  • Plaza de Nuestra Señora del Pilar

Descripción de la visita

The basilica of Our Lady of Pilar, Zaragoza's most emblematic monument, hides a myriad of details, secrets, stories and mysteries within its walls. Book this tour with us to unveil all the basilica has to offer in 1 hour: The background of this temple with almost 2000 years of history. Goya's complete works inside of the basilica, from his begginings to the moment he became a renowned artist. The sacred column of Our Lady of Pilar and everything we know about it. The incredible renaissance altarpiece and chorus from previous temples. The popular tradition of Our Lady of Pilar and her famous ribbons. ...and more things to come (no spoilers!). We assure you there's no better way to know this very important monument for Zaragoza. What are you waiting for? Join us! Free tours don't have a fixed price, everyone gives the guide the quantity that seems right for them (this normally being between 10€ and 50€ per person depending on the satisfaction with the tour)

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